Cherubs are anything but cherubic.

And of course, we also get an intimate look at his Mop and Handlebar.

We talk to Linus about the gear he plays on the new Alkaloid album and with Obscura.

And as a bonus: we get angry about vertical videos.

We check in with the drum-auteur behind Intronaut, Murder Construct, Cloudkicker, and more.

Growing up and learning about metal, I found a lot of black metal, generally, to be pretty silly. To me,

A little bit of every style of feature in one video, plus more grinding than a '90s skate video.

There is no way that this rig makes it through any kind of security checkpoint.

We check in with one of the noisiest, heaviest guitar players in the game.

Members of Lewd Acts throw a little bit of sludge into their aggression.

Buzzsaw keyboards! Acrylic guitars! And

If only marriage equality extended to amps I would propose to that Soldano.

I'm pretty sure these guys have PhDs in advanced mad scientist-ing.

How well can you solo while girded in chainmail? Not this well, I'd wager.