Rigged: Kobra and the Lotus Guitarist Jake Dreyer

Ah, the Soldano SLO-100. You lucky bastard, Jake Dreyer. You don’t have to say anything else. You win, dude. I don’t know where you got the cash to buy an amp that sells for over $4000 new nowadays, in purple no less – who you had to kill, what devil’s bargain you had to make, but it was worth it. What I’m saying is that the SLO is a damn, damn fine amplifier and I’m supremely jealous.


But super hot gear seems to be the modus operandi with Kobra and the Lotus (and former White Wizzard) guitarist Jake Dreyer. He had a Bogner Uberkab and casually cast it aside for a ‘beaut of a Marshall, and one does not simply cast aside a Bogner cab kab without possessing an equally nice alternative lest the heresy is too great. And I’m not a pointy guitar or floating bridge (locked or otherwise) fan myself, but those are effervescent flamed tops.

Give Jake’s Rigged view a gander below, and when you’re done we’ve got an extended alternate picking tutorial from the man. It’s just waiting for you.

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