We check in with Rob, Scotty, and Eli of the powerhouse prog outfit Dopapod to talk delicious analog gear.

Somewhere far beyond the red mirror, after nightfall, we took a look at guitars and drums and stuff.

Doc's got the prescription for heavy!

What do the masters of pop-powermetal use to create Massive Addictive hooks?

How you gonna (Tesser) act?

This Wizard's tools are cooler than a wand!


Julz shows us the ingredients for meaty thrash riffs.

What's making this Winery Dog bark?

"We're going on tour, which is Latin for "things going wrong".

The gods of prog open the gates for ye Gear Mortals!

What's next to him in Next To None!

One Machine, two guitars, one bass

A river of gear even Julius Caesar couldn't cross.