RIGGED – BROKEN HOPE’s Jeremy Wagner’s Collection of JEFF HANNEMAN’S Guitars [Video]

Now there’s fandom, and then there’s hero worship. Each one is essentially a higher form of dedication to one’s idols, and this is a pretty good example of the latter, if I had to guess.


Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner must have read our Find of the Week back in July when we discovered that ESP was working with Jeff Hanneman’s estate to auction off his personal guitar collection, because he went and bought all of them. Every single one.

I would say for sure that I’m a Slayer fan (I own two pairs of Slayer socks, I’ll have you know) but I think Jeremy might just be a notch or two above me on that particular scale. He talks about it quite a bit in the video below, and is quite the Slayer/Hanneman historian. He knows more about these guitars than I know about guitars I bought for myself brand new, and has some pretty damn interesting factoids.

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