Gear Gods Rigged: This Time with 100% More Flute

Deafheaven give a in-depth walk through of their guitar rigs. See how the satanic shoegaze sausage is made.

How long do you think it would it take to restring all these in one sitting?

Since exiting The Ocean (having played on the band's two finest albums, Pelagial and Heliocentric), guitarist Jonathan Nido and drummer Luc Hess

Learn how to cut loose with some proggy atmospherics!

Athanasia, even better than euthanasia!

He might not be slipping the knot anymore, but he's still tying the band together!

Premier Guitar's got the goods.

See what gear these metalcore road warriors are blasting through every night.

See The Gear That Oni Owns!

Epic(a) rigs, dude.

What's this Swedish hammer dragging around on the road?