Fit For An Autopsy Goes Against the Grain, Moves Back to Tube Amps

I was checking out this rig rundown with Fit For An Autopsy’s Patrick Sheridan over at Metal Sucks, expecting more Axe-FX talk because last I heard that was the band’s tone generator of choice. So I was surprised to notice that they’re back to tubes. Well to be fair the band had used tube power amps in the past (I’m pretty sure they had VHT 2:90:2s but if anyone knows for certain let me know) but now they’re back to good old fashioned heads, a Mesa/Boogie Mark V in Pat’s case.


I used digital for a long time, feeling like it was the answer to all of my tone problems until I was faced with the challenge of standing up to a tube amp in a live situation. When our other guitarist switched from the digital world back to a tube amp I got so lost in the mix that I was constantly turning up, and even using a tube power amp wasn’t enough to keep up.

I’m not anti-digital, but I am a digital skeptic. Digital agnostic, I guess you’d say. I think they certainly have their place, especially in the studio, and especially in a home studio for writing, low volume recording, getting ideas down quickly, etc. But I’ve been wondering for a while now if the steady flow of converts to amp modellers would be a one-way street. Who knows if FFAA are the exception that proves the rule or if some other bands will miss that tube power and cut?

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  • A month or so ago I filled in for a band, the other guitarist had a rack-mount Line 6 unit straight to the board. I buried him…with a peavey bandit into a 4×12.

  • I run Axe-Fx II into Matrix GT1600fx into a 4×12 Orange cab.
    no problems keeping up with my band made, who goes Brunetti 120W (alltube) into the same orange cab.

    4×12 vs. PA is not exactly fair.

  • People: stop putting your digital stuff directly into the PA. Buy a digital pre-amp. THEN BUY A POWER AMP AND A CABINET. Alternatively: just buy a Line 6, for christ’s sake.

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