Another rig rundown for you folks, this time from Milan, Italy’s Destrage. The band’s guitarists Matteo Di Gioia, Ralph Salati, and bassist Gabriel Pignata walk you through the rigs and the tones found within. Everything’s based around the increasingly more in-style idea of maximum portability and consistency, with an all direct rig.


There’s a couple things I’m curious of with their setup though. Most bands that are entirely lined in keep all their rack gear in one big case, so it’s easier to plug everything into the mixing rack and cut down on setup time. Maybe Destrage just keep their axes in separate racks while traveling and assemble them afterwards, but that’s not the impression that I get from the video.

It’s cool to seem some gear without “Fractal” printed on it though (nothing against Fractal, but I’m all for variety). Pignata’s bass board ditches digital modelers in favor of a Sansamp and MXR EQ. And a side note about his board: Korg makes a white Pitchblack? That’s the biggest semantic failure since Metallica didn’t play “Trapped Under Ice” in Antarctica.

Lastly, god I haven’t seen a Rocktron Midimate foot controller in ages. Not a bad inexpensive little unit for the money, but I think the user interface is a little circuitous. I really don’t understand the fascination with the fragile and unintuitive Behringer FCB1010 unit that most Axe-FX users gravitate towards. My personal pick for the dollar is to get a used Digital Music Corp (now Voodoo Lab) Ground Control. Not the Pro, but the old one that was a strip like the Midimate instead of a square like the Pro is. I got one for $100 not too long ago. Or if you want to stick with new gear, the RJM Mastermind is built like a tank, cheap, and plenty powerful. So is the Liquid Foot Mini. I may have to do a longer post about this one day…

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