Watch Kirk Hammet and Death Angel Get “Trapped Under Ice”

Look, I just need to get this off my chest. The moment I heard that Metallica were going to play Antarctica I thought “those fuckers had better play ‘Trapped Under Ice.'” And they fucking didn’t. I was pissed off. The penguins were pissed off. The always justifiably angry Disqus community was pissed off. I’m surprised we didn’t melt the whole damn continent. Those “Antarctica” logo kick drum heads were cool and all, but those schmucks had one fucking job and they blew it.


And now Kirk Hammett had to go rub our shit-smeared noses it by playing the song in San Francisco. You know, the city where it’s always fucking September all year long. Come on!

So fine. Here’s Kirk and Death Angel covering “Trapped Under Ice” at Kirk von Hammett’s Fear FestEvil 2014, not that we can enjoy it. Fuckers.

Source: Sick Drummer

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  • If you think about it, in Antartica every song that Metallica played, sounded like crap, maybe for the cold, maybe because Lars suck.
    So, its better to hear a well played song wherever its played, than hearing a really bad played song in some polar zones.

    • Lars is not a show off, and yes it was cold out. Even the guitars sucked, but you have to respect all of them.

      • I respect all guitars, i dont understand your point.

        • Lars is good a what he does. Keeping the beat. Everything was not 100% at the Antartica performance. Guitars, Vocals, & drums sucked. It was cold out, not that Lars is a bad drummer. Respect the band as a whole.

  • Just because a band didn’t play ONE song this version is shit? Some REAL LOGICAL thinking there. I think it’s actually pretty good.

  • The guy who edited this footage needs to be bitchslapped for spending so much time on the drummer and when he’s actually on the rest of the band, for being so tight on them you can’t see what the hell is going on.

  • killer filipinos! hail death angel! see yah guys in manila for this summer!

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