Rigged: Ringworm’s John Comprix

Upon our gilded thrones atop Mount Gear Gods we’ve been getting psyched for the new Ringworm LP, Hammer of the Witch. But March 18th (or 17th, or 14th, depending on where you live) is still a ways off, so we have to do something to keep the anticipation at bay. So let’s keep the Ringworm embers burning hot by talking to the band’s guitarist John Comprix about the totality of his rig.


Guitar: Strictly 7 John Comprix signature Flying V.

I use the Strictly 7 brand of guitars because of the quality and playability.Jim the owner personally hand selects alot of the wood and is involved in the making process %100.The necks on these guitars are just incredible!Jim is also a physical therapist and designed the neck to be less stressfull on the tendons of your hand.I personally can tell a difference.The fingerboard of my signature v which is now in the process of being finalized is a little thinner than their other guitars.My signature v is made with a maple neck thru body construction with swamp ash wings.An ebony fingerboard and Sperzel tuners.

Pickups: Lace pickups (Nitro Hemis).

These pickups are just incredible,very crunchy and tight and just aggressive as all hell sounding.And very articulate, you can hear every note even when using a ton of distortion. There are no better pickups in my opinion for doing what we do. And the best part is……Active output with no friggin batteries! Thank you Lace!!!

Strings: S.I.T. strings .10-.52 gauge.

I have been with S.I.T. Strings for almost 20 years! Rarely do I break a string with S.I.T’s,and again it’s all about clarity with this heavy ass music.You have to be able to distinguish notes and riffs and be able to beat the hell out of em’ and stay in tune….Hence the name and with these strings you are able too.

Bridge: Floyd Rose

Built like tanks! what can I say that hasnt already been said about the #1 selling locking trem in the world. Floyd Rose keeps my guitars in tune even when I’m doing divebombs or making my guitar sound like its gonna puke.Great company to deal with as well.I use the original series on my guitars.

Picks: InTune picks 1.0 gauge.

I’ve been using InTune picks for years now and they never disappoint. One thing in particular I dig is the fact the ink for whatever design you get on the pic stays on the pic.I use the Grippx-xj jazz pick.Its a little larger than other jazz picks which works better for me, more grip. They also last longer than other pick I’ve used so far.

Amp: Marshall DSL 100, Marshall 1960 a and B cabinets.

Marshall just has a certain crunch to their sound that has stood the test of time. Aggressive and tight….Can’t beat it.


Strictly 7 Green Boost pedal. Curran at Strictly 7 really nailed with it this pedal. He hand wires these things himself and lemme tell ya, it’ll blow you away.Doesnt color the tone of your amp and has the perfect amount of boost.

Boss TU2 chromatic tuner, Boss GE 7 guitar EQ, Boss NS2 noise suppressor. I’ve always liked Boss pedals and have always had some sort of Boss pedal in my rig.

Cables/strap: Dimarzio

Tough cables, tough straps.I use the clip on straps and they never disappoint. Cables have been all over the world with me and hold up to the abuse of Ringworm shows damn well.


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