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Get ready to get heavy!

Featuring a 3-Knob EQ gain for true Shaolin warriors.

Huge, doomy, and deathy: we wouldn't want anything else.

Have listen to little Stevie Vai play his crispy new Legacy Drive tube preamp pedal.

Big retro vibe in a small box.

Merrow puts the Gain Stage on his stage and his tone makes gains

Maximum EVH tone in a small package.

This week we're giving away a Green Rhino OD pedal form Way Huge!

Indy pedal manufacturer Dawes Audio has some inspired designs.

Time to get your board ready for the show!

I went down to the River to play, studying about that good OD

We talked to the man behind the Afterneath, Palisades, and Sea Machine pedals.

As part of Overdrive week we interviewed a couple of pedal makers who are making strides in new designs and