Get Some SRV-Style Tones With the New Crossfire Pedal

You might not be able to summon all the tasty blues licks of Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Mayer, but you can at least get close to their tones.


On its left side, the all-new dual Crossfire pedal from Crazy Tube Circuits gives you crunchy lows, soaring highs, scooped mids, and access to everything from a solid state rectified 4x 6L6GC power amp to a tube rectified 2x 6L6GC power amp selectable through the headroom switch. Then on the right side, the Crossfire creates the circuit of classic overdrive pedals with the addition of a clipping toggle switch and gain toggle switch that are normally found on modded versions of older pedals.

The Crossfire is available here for €219 (about $241).