VERTEX EFFECTS Clones DUMBLE ODS Amps With New Ultraphonix MK II Overdrive Pedal

Vertex Effects has taken everything they love about the Dumble ODS amplifiers and jammed it all into the new Ultraphonix MKII Overdrive pedal.


The Ultraphonix MKII Overdrive pedal emulates the Dumble ODS amplifiers, in that it delivers the blooming midrange and overdrive of the amplifiers with a full and articulate attack. The Ultraphonix MKII Overdrive was specifically modeled after five Dumble ODS amplifiers, originally made between 1970 and 1990, over the course of a few years.

So how does the Ultraphonix MKII Overdrive pedal stack up over its predecessor? Well for starters, it offers the option to fine-tune pickup outputs with the input gain “Level” control. This means getting the same reaction no matter the pickup, with the added option of up to 8dB of level compensation available. The Ultraphonix MKII Overdrive pedal also offers additional presence and harmonic saturation with the “Filter” knob, allowing players to shape the upper-mids from 800Hz to 1.6kHz. Oh, and the MKII is a third of the size smaller than the MKI, should space be an issue.

The Ultraphonix MKII is available here for $199.99.

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