GREAT EASTERN FX CO. Emulates Small Speakers With Their First-Ever Pedal

Great Eastern FX Co. has entered the pedal game with their new, low-gain Small Speaker Overdrive. The Small Speaker Overdrive is modeled after classic small amps like the famous tweed Fender Champ and offers plenty of dynamics leading up to a hard-driven breakup. When the gain is set low, the Small Speaker Overdrive offers more of a boost, while being driven harder gives you more of a crunchy small speaker.


The Small Speaker Overdrive is controlled by a Gain knob to adjust the dynamics of the pedal; Low, to add some potentially needed bass depending on your tonal circumstances; and High, which as you might’ve guessed adds some extra bite to your tone. Great Eastern FX Co. points out that the Small Speaker Overdrive isn’t an amplifier in a pedal, but rather an emulation of the classics.

Grab one here for £182.50 (about $242).