The mini pedal train shows no signs of slowing down as Ibanez plans to release a pipsqueak version of their OD850 fuzz pedal. Originally released in the glorious fuzz-filled ’70s, Ibanez reissued the OD850 not long ago. Now with the popularity and viability of mini pedals these days, it seems like a no-brainer to introduce the “FZMINI” as the OD850’s tiny counterpart. Stoners, sludgers, and doomers rejoice! Your pedalboard just got a whole lot fuzzier. And smaller.


Head shot. Yep, that’s a mini alright.

According to Ibanez, the pedal will utilize “100 percent analog circuitry” to keep your tone organic and warm. You’ll also have the ability to control sustain, level, and tone.

Based on Guitar World’s findings, this little nugget is said to go for $128.55. Evidently, Ibanez’s pricing is as arbitrary as its guitar-naming system. I kid, I kid. I rip on them all the time for stuff like RG69-420BLZIT, but I know all those letters and digits mean stuff. Anyway, in terms of price, there’s virtually no difference between the FZMINI and its full-size counterpart. That aside, there’s definitely something about mini pedals. A full mini board would be ridiculous in terms of portability.

What do you think? The mini pedal thing seemed a little gimmicky for a while, but hell…a good pedal’s a good pedal, regardless of size. I’m curious to hear this one after its debut.

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