How To Dial In A CRUSHING Guitar Tone!


Dialing in a huge metal tone can seem like a daunting task if you’re not sure where to start, or if you think you don’t have the right gear, or if you just don’t understand what controls do what. Understanding how each part of your signal chain interacts with the rest of it will help you get the tone you’re looking for, whether you’re trying to emulate your heroes or trying to find your own holy grail sound.

In the spirit of this, I’ve put together this tutorial on how I dial in my rhythm tone, no matter what amp and guitar I’m using (in this video I’m using the Line 6 Helix LT) – the dials may change from one rig to another, but the basic principles stay the same.

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  • Thanks. I only just bought a line 6 live x3 second hand in pristine condition second hand. And this vid helped alot with set up. Although a hm-2 boss sound I hope is in there somewhere.

  • Metal isnt my primary tone, but this video really helped me understand how to dial that in. I agree with Trey, yes tone is in the hands, blah blah blah. But today, with gear being so technical, you can go from stuff that sounds ok, to amazing, if you just understand what your gear is capable of.

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