GUS G Announces His New Signature SPEED DEMON Pedal!

FIREWIND shredder and arpeggio aficionado Gus G has unveiled his new limited edition SPEED DEMON guitar pedal! Gus teamed up with Athens’ very own Crazy Tube Circuits to design and build this face-melting overdrive circuit. In this video, watch Mr. G rip through some sick licks and showcase the pedal’s tight, clear, and punchy tone. He also mentions the pedal has true bypass and premium audio-grade components for that mega sound quality.


What else can one expect from this pedal you might ask? Gus himself says:

“It will make you shred better and play faster.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Want to know more about this bad boy? Check out his Instagram and Twitter. As for the SPEED DEMON guitar pedal, order it here!

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