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Ever wonder how Wylde Audio guitars are made?

From the band's forthcoming live album.

Vegas and hot licks: two great tastes that taste great together.

Wild times with the Wylde man!

"Pentatonic Hardcore," an hour-long video lesson from the 90's, is tremendous!

This time Zakk attacks the strings, and not my face.

Zakk Wylde has left Gibson and Marshall to form his own guitar and amp company.

If only he'd hit the kick on all the quarter notes, he'd be the Jeff Fabb Four on the Floor.

He's on the road with Buddy Guy, Bootsy Collins, Dweezil Zapp, and more.

Ever wondered how Zakk Wylde really gets that distinctive tone?

Not literally. Just on video. He actually doesn't have time to personally hang out with you. It's like high school