ZAKK WYLDE – Soulful Guitar Playthrough of “Lay Me Down” on EMGtv


The bearded behemoth himself, Zakk Wylde, has just dropped this banger of a Southern rock ballad on EMGtv. If you imagine a hot bowl of grits with a side of bacon and cheesey eggs, well, that’s kinda how this is.
“Lay Me Down” is a track from Wylde’s 2016 solo record Book of Shadows II, released by Entertainment One Music. Featuring his signature EMG Zakk Wylde Set (81/85) pickups in one of his Wylde Audio guitars, this song is chock-full of crunchy, flangy warmth and sustain. And aside from Wylde’s dynamic playing, there are some pretty sick vocal harmonies that lay the soul on thick. Who could ask for anything more? For tour dates and more details on what Zakk’s up to, be sure to hit up his Facebook page.

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