FIND OF THE WEEK: Own This Washburn Custom Shop DIMEBAG DARRELL Bass For $24,296.72!

On our latest edition of Find of the Week, we’ve come across this wild Washburn USA Custom Shop Dimebag Darrell DB2000 Bass on! In addition to being part of an extremely limited edition run of instruments, this bass was actually owned by Dimebag himself, and then gifted to GWAR bassist Beefcake! Yeah, this thing definitely has some history behind it, and that would help explain the $24,296.72 pricetag.


From seller Essex Recording Studios:

“This is the most insane bass we have ever come across! You can see it clearly in the official GWAR – “Immortal Corrupter” music video. We got it from the most prolific Dimebag Darrell guitar collector in the world…absolutely insane collection in The Netherlands! He stated: ” This Custom Shop model only saw a handful produced with several going to Dimebag Darrell himself. He in turn gifted them to fellow musicians where 1 went to Twiggy Ramirez of Marilyn Manson band and another 1 to bass player Beefcake of the band Gwar. This is the guitar that was gifted to Beefcake who made the guitar available at an auction. GWAR have two Grammy nominations and a long history with Pantera as well as most of the huge legends in the metal community. The band has a tribute song to Dime and performed at the official tribute show to his brother Vinnie Paul with the biggest names in metal. Lamb of God was opening for the band back in the day while this bass was being used on stage! In a crazy coincidence, I actually saw this bass used live on stage the first time I ever saw GWAR! There are various pictures of it including on the KNAC radio website. The bass is huge and is frankly the coolest thing we’ve ever seen.”

If this is your ultimate dream bass, head over to Essex Recording Studios’ Reverb page and snag it before it’s gone forever! And if the price isn’t something you’re able to swing but you’re still looking for a monstrous guitar to your collection, we’ve got some other options we’re betting (if betting is what you’re into, here’s more information) you might like below.

Dean Dimebag Darrell ML Roots from Dime’s House Signed by Zakk Wylde

Equally as sick but at 1/3rd of the price is this DEAN Dimebag Darrell ML Roots Guitar From Dime’s House Signed by Zakk Wylde! At $7,307.21, it ain’t cheap, but considering the history behind this particular axe, we think it’s well-worth it. Check out the legacy of this particular guitar below!

From seller Essex Recording Studios (they have all the most historic pieces of gear, apparently!):

“This is one of the few Dean Dimebag Darrell signature “Roots” ML guitars every built and was signed by Zakk Wylde before he took the stage for the legendary 50th Anniversary of Black Sabbath show he did in Birmingham, UK 50 years to the day of Black Sabbath’s (the band being from Birmingham) debut release! This was the first time Zakk Sabbath ever did a show in the UK, and this guitar was present for the entire show!

This is a guitar that not only celebrates Dime’s life with a beautiful razorblade inlay on the body from the oak tree at his home in Texas…but it is a celebration of heavy metal itself, signed by Dime’s closest friend and legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde at the birthplace of heavy metal for the half-century celebration of heavy metal itself. There isn’t another guitar like it with this special connection. There is a fantastic video of Zakk taking the guitar and signing it. It also has a signed certificate from the late Elliot Rubinson who owned Dean Guitars. Our studio thought having this guitar at the show would be a great way to honour Dime’s memory and have something extra special for metal fans everywhere.

The guitar lives at Essex Recording Studios and is part of our exclusive collection of rare & special guitars. I’m not too keen to sell it, but its sale would help fund expansion for the studio and unsigned artists we work with…so if someone else out there appreciates it as much we do here, it is available. Until then I hope you enjoyed getting to check it out and learn about this rare model. The flame top looks AMAZING!”

Whatcha waitin’ fer? Head over to their Reverb page now!

Dean ML Metalman 4-String Electric Bass Guitar with Active EQ Classic Black

Lastly, we’ve got this incredibly affordable Dean ML Metalman 4-String Electric Bass with Active EQ for just $399 on Reverb! It may not have the historic significance of the above guitars, but it’s a no-nonsense, metal AF machine that’ll help you deliver those crushing lows you’ve been dreaming about.

From seller Butler Music:

“The Dean Metalman ML Bass Guitar with Active Electronics is designed to look right on stage in a metal band. The Metalman ML is an electric bass guitar with dual 2-band pickups with active electronics that make it sound right. Gets an edgy, growly tone with lots of hair. Get aggressive!”

If this bass sounds like the right piece of gear to launch your music career with, head over to Reverb to snag it up before it’s too late!

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