DARIO LORINA Shreds Around Neon Sign Graveyard in “Death Grip Tribulations”


Black Label Society and solo guitarist Dario Lorina really did rip licks all over the Neon Sign Museum in Las Vegas for his new music video. The song comes as the title track from his recently released solo album, Death Grip Tribulations. If you’ve ever heard his work alongside Zakk Wylde in Black Label Society , then you’re already aware that he’s a deft-ass guitar player with plenty of cool things to speak through his fiddle.

This is actually a pretty laid back “tour de shred” despite the seemingly high-octane title. Having not previously heard the song, I was actually pleasantly taken aback by the dichotomy. The whole Vegas vibe is fully on display, with shots of pretty much what you’d expect from Sin City: high-stakes card games and strippers. Somewhat disappointingly, outrageously expensive mile-long taxi rides in gridlock Strip traffic didn’t make the cut.

Dario worked with musical partner-in-crime Dan Conway (drums) and BLS buds John DeServio (bass) and Jeff Fabb (drums) on the record. Former Lizzy Borden band mate Marten Andersson (bass) made an appearance, and there’s even a track featuring guitarist Phil Campbell (Motorhead/The Bastard Sons).

Signed copies of Death Grip Tribulations are available here, with additional links to iTunes and Amazon as per your taste.

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