ZAKK WYLDE Shows Off His Tree, A Guitar-Pizza Oven, Manroot Juice

In between bouts of challenging us to Shaw Bros-style punching matches, Zakk Wylde owns a guitar company, Wylde Audio, which makes some pretty premier gear. Back at NAMM in February, Zakk explained to us a bunch of what, at the time, I thought was nonsense and drivel. Something about a tree that regrows every day, a pizza oven, manroot juice… basically sounded like the ramblings of someone on drugs.


Looks like after sucker-punching us like usual, Zakk also sucker-punched us with facts. Because, according to the new video series dropped on Instagram, this all appears to be… true. He wasn’t lying. The tree, the pizza oven, the juice: they all exist.

See for yourself!

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