ZAKK WYLDE Wears Badass Bowler Hat, Teaches You Pentatonic Scales

Earlier this year at the NAMM show, I was shown how wrong I was for never caring about Zack Wylde. The dude is a ridiculous player, sometimes with his cliches – but who isn’t? The bottom line is he straight up rips, and nobody really sounds like him, particularly when it comes to pentatonics.


Which is actually harder to do than it might seem. Being creative with simple tools is a challenge for any musician – particularly such time-worn, often cheesy moves like rock guitar minor pentatonic scales.

So I’ve been enjoying checking out a video lesson Zakk did for a Japanese magazine, Young Guitar, in the late 90’s. It’s called “Pentatonic Hardcore” (yeah, badass title), and you can check it out below:

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