ZAKK WYLDE Discusses, Erm, Alternative Uses For Wylde Audio Guitars

It’s no secret that Zakk Wylde has invaded the guitar and amplifier world with his aptly named company, Wylde Audio. If you haven’t seen them, his fresh take on classic body shapes is hard to ignore. Now it isn’t featured here, but check out the SG/Flying V hybrid if you don’t believe me. The Warhammer is super loud (visually, that is), and seems perfectly representative of Zakk’s larger than life personality and brand of humor.


Perhaps most importantly, a Wylde Audio guitar’s potential goes well beyond the musical. If you’re clever like Zakk, of course. He met up with Loudwire to discuss some of these possibilities in an exclusive segment below:

I don’t know about you, but that “harpoon headstock” on the Viking V is pretty appealing. If I ever have to jab someone in the eye so I can “continue taking care of business” without being disturbed, I’d strongly prefer that it be done with a sharpened chunk of “organically steroid-fed” tree.

It doesn’t look like Wylde Audio is trying to reinvent the wheel with their “tried-and-true” construction materials, and that’s fine. But if you’re looking for a reliable workhorse based on an iconic design—with a Wylde twist, of course—you might be ready to wield a Warhammer.

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