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What we watched while the weekend whiled away.

Other points of note: the clasp, drumbrella, and tracking to no drums at all.

That headline doesn't make a lick of sense, does it?

Like they intentionally wanted Ben's bad drumming on "Head Down."

Candiria are back after a 7 year hiatus. I had a chance to talk to their drummer Ken for an

And for his CreativeLive class he has Sleeping Giant singer Tommy Green in tow.

Not to knock the band, because they're killer players and what they are playing they pull off perfectly. But what's

Someone needs to show these guys what a frown looks like. Have they never seen a band photo?

His name sounds like a censored curse, so you know you can trust him.

It's very sophisticated technology. It must take up at least four rack spaces.

Man, everything with you guys is NAMM this and NAMM that. Can't we talk about Helmet for once? And David

Well, if you're tired of hearing us talk gear with the same 'old "Axe-FX" or "5150 with a Tube Screamer"

These Frenchmen came to Brooklyn to record an album at the worst possible time, yet somehow pulled it together.

It's not often that I get to pun with our category tags.

Straight from God City. If you want to up your recording game with lessons from one of loud music's most

The tiny geodesic dome would have blown the hell up.