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We ask one question to several bands to get their feedback.

The band's new self-titled album is one of the year's best.

...except she sings it out of tune on a Schecter into a Line6 Spider.

I had a chance to talk to the band's vocalist/guitarist/producer Tim Narducci about the tracking sessions, and the band's approach

We asked numerous bands if there was a piece of gear that they use despite not loving the sound

In keeping with our website's goals we are obliged to provide a rig rundown for the gear in Phil's video.

The band goes into far more detail about the recording process than what I'm used to seeing from bands' studio

But we've put in the time to squeeze out any info we could regarding the band's GodCity sessions.

Exclusive performance jams in less time than it takes to cook a Pop Tart.

Let your ears glaze over when he talks about moving you with the band's vocals and lyrics, but tune back