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He's spending time in Toyko, where even the most common household items are sentient robots.

You've heard of progressive metal, now enjoy REgressive metal!

Watch him school you like a boss, or more like a tc electronic

The build and features of his new guitar as almost as impressive as his playing.

The RJM-sponsored gear rundown focuses on his midi switching setup.

They're found in Roland's Jupiter-80 keyboard and Integra-7 module.

Ever dreamed you were in a theater, and you just wandered onto the stage, and just looked around at the

"Hey Marco, want to audition for Dream Theater?" "Dream What?" "Dream Theater." "What Theater?" "Dream Theater." "What what?"

And a little bonus from Chappers from Chapman Guitars, while we've on the travel theme.

It's very sophisticated technology. It must take up at least four rack spaces.

There may or may not be several masks and Gary Holt involved.

Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl, but EBMM haven't got a lot to say.

These Dimarzio endorsers have a lot to say about their own tone, liking each other's tone, liking each other's bands,

Gear Gods is incredibly excited to announce that we'll be live-streaming the fifth annual Metal Masters clinic series from NAMM

Let your ears glaze over when he talks about moving you with the band's vocals and lyrics, but tune back

A video detailing his incredibly complex kit setup. He can't possibly have this layout memorized, right?