Jordan Rudess Was Handed the Keys to Croatia and Slovenia

It’s winter, assuming you’re in the same hemisphere as most of our readers, and many of us are freezing our asses off waiting for the next storm to busy our homes and cars, or maybe to bring the zombie apocalypse if we live in Georgia. But why not associate the frozen-ass scenery with travel instead? Lighten the mood a little.


Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess took some footage while he was on tour Croatia and Slovenia. Nothing to nerd out on regarding the band, but some cool footage of fans, situations, random encounters, and a little keyboard playing thrown in there for good measure.

And while we’re at it, Rob “Chappers” Chapman from Chapman Guitars has some vacation footage as well. He was my favorite interviewee when we were at NAMM, and I find the man’s antics supremely entertaining. So here’s the man traipsing through Norway. Again, nothing gear-related besides some sweet tuba footage, but I like seeing what goes on in the minds of folks who make sick ass guitars.

Source: Blabbermouth

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