Dream Theater Release New Content for their 360° App

In case you were unaware of trending apps in the live music world (as I was), apparently the hot new thing is these 360° concert apps where you can choose from multiple camera angles to create a one-of-a-kind performance.  Muse, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, and Slash have all released apps using this idea, which is pretty innovative and a big leap forward from the ol’ DVD very occasional angle change option. Especially if you’re a musician trying to capture the essence of a performance, to see a certain part played from a certain angle to ascertain the fingering, position, grip, technique, or facial expression used.


Dream Theater, whose app runs $9.99 but includes all the songs for free as they are released, has announced that the songs from their Live at Luna Park show will be released one at a time, the order of which will be voted on by the fans. According to the app maker, Mativision:

“After fans’ enthusiastic reviews of DreamTheater360° App and lots of demand for more Luna Park songs, Dream Theater & Mativision® (multi-camera 360° video technology) will soon start to release the remaining songs performed at Luna Park. The decision about which songs to include in the next 360° App update will be made by fans, who will have the opportunity to vote online for the sequence of the songs released.”

If you’re a DT fan like me, you’ll want to jump on this (probably for iPad, I can’t imagine watching it on an iPhone will be a very exciting experience. What is this, a concert for ants?) and vote for your favorite song to be released next!

Get the app here.

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