Gear Mortals – Dream Theater’s “Erotomania” Performed on Toys

As a self-admitted prog metal dork, I’ve attempted and failed to learn many Dream Theater songs and licks. But one that I actually learned top to tails was “Erotomania” from the classic album Awake. It’s a great instrumental song not just for the technical wizardry throughout, but because of the timeless melodic content, thematic recurrence and use of dynamics. AND THE FUCKING TECHNICAL WIZARDRY.


But let’s say you and your friends learned the whole thing as well, put in the long hours learning your parts perfectly, and then tried to play it on children’s toy instruments? What would that sound like? All-toy cover band Plastica has the answer.

Do not underestimate these kids musical play things. They make great toys and gifts for boys and girls alike and can inspire them to be young musicians.

Like this shit right hurr:

My favorite part is right around 3:52 when they really reach the limitations of their instruments and the whole thing falls apart, but they giggle their way right back into it and finish out the song like champs. Impressive AND fun.

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