Here’s 12 Minutes of Drum Solos and Future Zebra Toilets from Uber-Drummer Thomas Lang

About a decade ago I was working in the drum department at Guitar Center, and there was about a month or so that I had Thomas Lang’s Creative Control DVDs constantly looping on the TV. And I never got bored of them. I swear that this dude was engineered in a classified genetics lab. No one should be able to play drums that well. It’s inhuman.


Well the Ivan Drago of the drumset just posted this 12-minute in studio video of his recording sessions at Battle Cry Sound in Tokyo. The footage was shot as Thomas was immersed in the tracking of a new Spark 7 record. I’ll admit to being unfamiliar with the band or its mastermind, Japanese guitarist Isao Fujita, but the song clips sound pretty cool, and hot damn does Thomas Lang blow his kit up over these tracks. There’s like 4 different drum solos in this video, and all of them are worth watching.

Also of note: futuristic Japanese toilets are always entertaining, especially when paired with zebra print toilet paper. And has anyone tried out those Tuner Fish lug locks? Thomas certainly seems fond of them. Oh, and that stick bag placement, what do you think? Makes sense to me, but I’d kind of be afraid of reaching down too quickly and punching myself in the nuts.

As a bonus, let’s remember the time that Dream Theater jammed with a fucking army of the greatest drummers of our modern times, and didn’t choose Thomas Lang. Well, they didn’t pick Marco Minnemann either, but there’s a good reason for that.

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