John Petrucci and Periphery’s Jake Bowen Talk Pickups, Jam Without A Metronome

Little-known-fact: Dream Theater’s John Petrucci is the uncle of Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen. The two had a nice family jam session together, probably after a fun day of trick-or-treating, and then discussed how the family that plays DiMarzio pickups stays together.


The jam itself is a little awkward. At points I would have murdered a man for some percussive time keeping, but that’s not really the point of the video. Mainly the guys just riff verbally on the merits of their signature DiMarzio pickups. Bowen’s Titan pickup is a little more neutral, almost completely balanced in its high/mid/low output levels. Petrucci’s Illuminator has more focus on the midrange. Both are on the hot side of the output level range, but neither are blazing loud.

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