Ernie Ball/MusicMan Leak New Petrucci Guitar – the Majesty

I am the proud owner of a EBMM JP7 John Petrucci signature model, in a gorgeous sparkly white, and I’m also an unabashed Dream Theater nut. However, in this case, those two things are mere coincidence. I didn’t buy the guitar just because it had a signature on the headstock, but because it is the single best guitar I’ve ever played, hands down. Ernie Ball/MusicMan makes some of the highest quality guitars on the planet, certainly some of the best PRODUCTION guitars, and now they have added one more to their roster: the Majesty.


The name of the game here seems to be upper fret access. The last few iterations of the JP series have been inching ever closer with this concept, but now they have blown the doors clean off and gone straight for the gullet. It’s the first neck-through in the series, and only the second neck-through model from MusicMan (the other being the Armada). It has the same headstock shape as the JPs but now appears to have a tilt, also featured on the Armada.

Sterling Ball himself posted the pictures on the EBMM forum this past Wednesday:

“Its really too early but it has been seen by a few so I wanted the rest of you to see it…the ones who dont spy on me….enjoy….

The guitar is super super light…the ‘carbon fiber’ is not what it seems….it is laser etched maple that is finished to resemble carbon fiber the guys did an amazing job. the access is absolutely crazy good….the ergonomics were the primary deal and it balances really well…. It has a gamechanger in it and is set to just be a switch but as we introduce the gc incrementally you can activate if you choose but it is not manditory. The guitar has been voiced by di marzio and we have done sonic thumbprint matching….I will tell you about it someday. The design and construction techiniques are cutting edge and like I could only have imagined ten years ago.


I hope he does tell us about it, someday. In the meantime, see all the available pictures of it here.

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