More solid advice for those looking to hammer out some audio. Drum audio. First tip. Don't use an actual hammer.

Since when does Lombado play Ludwig Vistalites?

Also, I seem to have been slightly mispronouncing "Bodom" all these years. Less of an "ahm" at the end, more

I really, really wish these were in English. Or that I spoke German. Or that I could conjure a robotic

I hope this becomes a series: shredding while making a burrito, shredding while spanking it, shredding while massaging a cat

This four-part, roughly 60-minute documentary is immensely fascinating, whether you're a fan or not.

This is the one of the odder rig rundowns I've seen. Stephen Carpenter talks a decent amount of mess on

There's something about the last name "Abbott" I guess.

He's a cyborg sent from the future to make you look bad at guitar by comparison

Straight from Romania to your-brain-ia

He'll keep this up until the new album next year.

...and a cable.... and his hands.... and maybe he used a hardware tuner?