The Kennedy Veil Shot…. this In-Studio Video (…from a grassy knoll)

Sick Drummer just posted this in-studio playthrough of The Kennedy Veil drummer Gabe Seeber beating the living crap out of his kit to the band’s new song “In The Ashes Of Humanity.” The track is off of the band’s forthcoming record, Trinity Of Falsehood, which will enter its trinity of releasehood on January 21st, via Unique Leader Records.


Quick gear observations: 1) those underrated Audix D2 tom mics continue to impress me, even though the one mic from that line that everyone does seem to love, the D6 kick mic, always comes across as too scooped for my tastes. 2)  You don’t see too many cylindrical racks like that anymore. I’ve always found them to have stability problems and prefer the straight ones like this one from Pearl. But I’m not primarily a drummer. Skin bashers chime in here, should I give cylindrical racks another chance in the ten years since I’ve used them?

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