For those of you that hate directionality as much as I hate mayo.

NAMM 2014 was the year of nine strings, and of one.

Rise from your graves, and build new amplifiers.

New custom options are on hand for their 2014 NAMM guitars.

A bunch of new amps at the lower-priced end of the spectrum.

Dude wasn't kidding when he talked about the power of three.

Including the new Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow models.

And take some drumming from Animals As Leaders' Matt Garstka while you're at it.

The metal cousins to Fender have quite a few new pieces on display.

Sack up your purse and reunite with your blues valise, and watch as we case the joint, even if it's

It's not a performance, so don't expect him to be Tosin off sick riffs, but he does talk about the

Isn't that the Greek guy who yelled "eureka" when he got in the bath tub and noticed that the water

I believe they can get me through the ni-iiight.