NAMM 2014 – Reunion Blues RBX Gig Bags

Reunion Blues is not what you think it is. The name implies a connection to a genre of music that we don’t really cover here at Gear Gods, but such is not the case (get it?). They make gig bags that are unlike the flimsy little free ones that came with your Squier, or the typical cheap ones you get upsold at your local music store. They’re made using “only the finest, highest quality materials, including performance fabrics, classic full-grain leathers, and industrial strength hardware” according to their website, and I have been in close enough proximity to see that this is true.


They also sport an impressive resumé of metal artists in their roster, including but not limited to: Jeff Loomis, Tosin Abasi, John 5, Killswitch Engage, Tony Campos (Soulfly), and Duff McKagan. And as we well know, metal players are notoriously discerning when it comes to gear (here’s lookin’ at youse guyse!)  as well as adept at touring on the cheap out of necessity. These bags provide a tough and lightweight alternative to heavy (and therefore expensive to transport) road cases that only Bon Jovi can afford to haul around. Read the following endorsement from Tony Campos for further evidence:

“My Reunion Blues double bass gig bag was a life saver for me on my recent tours to South America and Europe. A few times, the airline forced me to gate check my basses and would not let me get them until they rode through the entire bagage claim system, which meant they were bouncing around from conveyor belt to conveyor belt. I’m happy to say, the bag protected both basses very well, and there wasn’t any damage to them whatsoever. These are absolutely the best gig bags, period.”

We asked Jesse Grossman of Reunion Blues to take us through what’s new for 2014, and he introduced us to the new line of RBX cases. Check it out below.

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