CERBERUS: Guitarist Paul Wrath Brings Things To A Close With This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough For “The Ending”

Any fan of classic heavy metal/thrash metal bands like Metallica and Pantera may have heard of Mexico City’s own Cerberus! Founded in mid-2014, the 4-piece have been making classic yet refreshing metal tunes for a few years now, and now guitarist/vocalist Paul Wrath is here with an exclusive guitar playthrough for their track “The Ending” off their forthcoming album Fire!, which drops July 12th, 2019. Check it!


Now, this song is just about as catchy as it gets in the metal world; with the thrash-inspired intro riff, catchy chorus melody, and drums that keep the whole thing moving forward, it’s one you’ll probably have stuck in your head for most of the day. And Wrath’s intense playing on the track here is a total joy to watch as the dude stays intently focused throughout the entirety of the song and whips out a couple of extra-tasty licks here and there.

Be sure to pre-order Fire! here, as well as follow the dudes on Facebook and Instagram.

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