Apparently the guys in the band didn't know until mixing that their new album would be entirely ampless.

These Dimarzio endorsers have a lot to say about their own tone, liking each other's tone, liking each other's bands,

It's a selfish man that won't see the joy in celebrating others

The maiden voyage of our "Quality Control" reviews section sets sail with Sam Jacobs' review of the high-gain guitar amp.

Not pictured: Fredrik Thordendal asking what “analog” means.

The man carries himself with a confidant swagger that makes me want to buy cigars and/or bourbon.

Forgive me if I get excited about some new options for bassists who prefer valves over solid-state.

Toontrack know that to hype things up a little Meshuggah goes a long way.

Pensado's Place does a lengthy interview regarding Andrews' production work

So, who wants to give up playing their instrument and take up huffing paint?

It's a bird! It's a band! It's - post-blackmetal weirdshit?

Visit relaxing studio in Switzerland, try to find reasons to get angry while sunbathing in mountainous paradise.

Who would win in a fight, Axe-FX or an Imperial Star Destroyer?

The band goes into far more detail about the recording process than what I'm used to seeing from bands' studio

But we've put in the time to squeeze out any info we could regarding the band's GodCity sessions.