I meant that he used to be in the band Decapitated

Because really, who would want to see that. Instead, he just plays the fuck out of the drums.

I bet you-can't-er play metal with this much feel.

Live playthrough videos are the best playthrough videos.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with a "rig rundown" pun based off of

Maybe he fills some of them with nacho cheese for mid-song snacking.

Have some behind the kit camera footage of a Glen Sobel drum solo. Alice Cooper may be borderline metal, but

For those of you with an itchy trigger

For anyone who thinks a real piano is too hard and pokey

English accents will make me believe anything, like that a bass can have a low F# string.

The only thing crazier is listening to two layers of this video, with them 5 seconds off sync, like I

You'll never guess what happens next

Here's some behind the scenes footage of him and Cattle Decapition's drummer David McGraw at the Play Xtreme II clinic,