XENOBIOTIC Kick Things Up A Notch With This Spicy Dual-Guitar Playthrough Of “The Gift Of Fire”

Perth-based death metal act Xenobiotic have truly set themselves apart with this new and exclusive dual-guitar playthrough for their track “The Gift of Fire”! It’s not every day that you see two guitarists eat Carolina Reapers while attempting to play through one of their own tech death tunes, but that’s exactly what guitarists Nish and Cam have done here. Was it worth it? They’ll probably tell you “no fucking way”, but as the audience, we couldn’t get enough of it. Watch and be amazed, only right here, on Gear Gods!


In the playthrough, Nish and Cam rip through an extremely tight and complex song from their most recent record Prometheus, all while enduring the pain brought upon them by eating a couple of the world’s hottest peppers. Like, for real, these things have like twenty times the amount of Scovilles than your average habanero, so we’re not exactly sure how these dudes lived through this playthrough. Not all heroes wear capes.

Be sure to listen to Prometheus here, to follow these dudes on Instagram and Facebook, and to catch ’em on one of their tour dates below:

Tour dates with Zeolite:

5/16 Perth, AUS @ Last Night

6/17 Melbourne, AUS @ Stay Gold

5/18 Adelaide, AUS @ Enigma Bar

5/24 Brisbane, AUS @ The Brightside

5/25 Canberra, AUS @ Transit Bar

5/26 Sydney, AUS @ Frankies Pizza

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