Tronical Tune: the Evil Robot Attached to Every Time I Die’s Guitars

That’s it, we lost the war against the machines. At some point during a battle with the Borg, Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams had his guitar abducted, and it returned as an augmented, cybernetic terror named Locutus Tronical Tune.


The diabolical madmen at Tronical devised the abomination, which sure, it looks like it does all the work tuning your guitar, and would negate the need to use different guitars for different tunings at shows. But you also have to admit that it’s a bit terrifying.

The speed seems a bit laggy in the video, but compared to manually tuning or especially swapping out for another guitar in a different tuning, it beats both.

For this apparatus, Tronical has developed their own locking tuning machine design. They call them the Robo Head, which… doesn’t sound like something I want. They also use their own removable, rechargeable battery. I suppose some might have wanted a 9v or AAAs in there but if you buy two you can have a backup charged and ready to go, and this solution is probably the best for size and weight.

All of the models seem to be selling for $300 in the US and €299.00 in Europe. You can buy them directly from Tronical.

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  • yeah, gibson has been doing this for quite a while with their Robot tuning and Min-E-Tune systems.

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