MICHAEL HERMES Goes Nocturnal In This Exclusive Music Video For “NIGHTWATCH”

Instrumental progressive rock guitarist Michael Hermes is one of Oregon’s best-kept secrets. The young solo musician is known for his guitar-based blend of instrumental and cinematic sounds, being described as a cross between Plini and Hans Zimmer. If that piques your interest, then we are beyond pleased to premiere this exclusive music video for his song “Nightwatch” off his EP Hit the Eyes, only right here, on Gear Gods!


This song is a great example of how a well-written instrumental guitar song can carry the same feeling as a song with vocals. There’s something to be said about someone like Hermes who can write a memorable hook that doesn’t need to be flashy or shreddy to get your attention. “Nightwatch” is a perfect example of this approach; combining soothing synth and drum grooves with tastefully melodic playing, it checks all the boxes while still remaining fresh and exciting. There are also a plethora of little sonic details throughout the song mix and instrumentation-wise that lend themselves to multiple listens to fully appreciate.

Be sure to follow everything this dude does over on his Facebook, Instagram, and personal website, as well as get his EP Hit the Eyes here.

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