Footage of Necrophagist’s Drummer Does Nothing to Ease the Wait for New Necrophagist

Don’t do it. I know that every time you seen one of the guys from Necrophagist recording music, and it’s not new Necrophagist music, your right hand starts shaking in anger. Maybe your left one, I don’t know. The point is, some music is better than none, so no getting pissed off at the wait for Epitaph‘s successor.


What you are getting, assumiung the crowdfunding works out, is a record from Monument of Misanthropy, who feature Necrophagist’s current drummer Romain Goulon. The  €4000 he’s asking for is pretty reasonable, and with more than half of the goal reached with 50 days to go, it looks like this will likely happen, but think of how much better you’ll feel knowing that you contributed to music that fuck it I don’t care what it is now stop this shit and lock yourself in the studio and record a fucking necrophagist record i don’t care if you have to duct tape Muhammed Suiçmez to a guitar he can not leavethatroomuntilitsrecordedorhediesofstarvationiarrrggghhh….

Sorry. I don’t know where that came from. Anyway, featured on the Indiegogo page is totally sweet drum cam footage of Romain shredding his way through Monument of Misanthrophy’s track “Malformation.” Dude loves the letter “M” I guess.

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