Live Footage

hate5six is back at work.

Polyphia Heart Dunlop

James Payne is well suited to the task.

Sweden's power metal mainstays' new recruit David Wallin is a powerhouse.

A full live-set drum cam from one of our favorite drummers.

Live set from 2000 emerges online.

Alongside Primitive Weapons and Mutoid Man, this video is one of the best looks at the nuances of a show

Shane Matthewson rips "Management Control" on his time off from managing his band.

Catch a Go Pro view of guitar and drums chops and chins.

Can they do it live? Do eggs have curves?

New project featuring Baptists/ISIS/Russian Circles members plays through "Hollow King."

More POV-Go Pro footage from the Converge/All Pigs Must Die/Killer Be Killed drum hero.

Legendary Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy drummer plays through the classic Chaos A.D. cut.