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Are you guilty of any of these?

Our final in-studio clip with Sweden's mathcore elites is also the silliest.

Watch Max at work tracking guitars for the band's upcoming Party Smasher Inc. debut

Great jazz, funk, and blues players gather from across the country to rip.

Everyone at Gear Gods has been so hard at work handling NAMM stuff that we've scarcely had a moment to

How do you record sound in a freaking desert??

Max returns to his Roots.

Everyone’s favourite racist uncle, Varg Vikernes, gives production notes from the Burzum discography.

Triggers were into metal before you were.

Tomas drums in a parallel universe with The Violent Sleep of Reason's opening track.

The boys are about to begin recording their new studio album.

Tomas Haake describes the recording process at Puk Studios.