DEVIN TOWNSEND Talks About The Drum Recording Process On EMPATH And More! (Via Drumtalk)


With the release of his new album right around the corner, Devin Townsend recently sat down with the good people at Drumtalk to discuss the process of recording drums for Empath (out March 29th). Devy is one of these people who I could just listen to talk for hours and hours, so it’s a good thing this interview is beefy 40 minutes. The man talks about everything from working with three different drummers on the new album (Morgan Agren, Samus Paulicelli, and Anup Sastry) to taking previous influence from players like Gene Hoglan in Strapping Young Lad and Ryan van Poederooyen in DTB and DTP. There’s nothing Devin Townsend isn’t capable of doing if he puts his mind to it, and that is very apparent here.

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