CATTLE DECAPITATION Show You Their Drum Recording Setup For The New Album With Producer DAVE OTERO

If you haven’t heard already, San Diego-based death/grind outfit Cattle Decapitation have been in the studio finishing up their new album with producer Dave Otero. You might know Otero from his work mixing bands like Cattle Decapitation, Archspire, Allegaeon, and many more!


In this studio tour video, Otero walks you through the drum recording setup at Band Cave Studios for drummer David McGraw. Otero talks about the drum hardware, microphones being used, the room itself, and pretty much everything else you could imagine that would have to do with drum tracking. It’s amazingly in-depth and the dude clearly knows his shit, so it’s a total joy to hear how he thinks about the process of recording drums for incredibly dense and technical metal.

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