AVID Announces New CARBON Audio Interface

The audio giants at AVID have just announced their latest installment to their line of audio interfaces: Carbon. Designed with artists, bands, and producers in mind, Carbon features a plethora of high-quality components and combines the user’s native CPU with onboard HDX DSP acceleration, all within a sleek and stunning enclosure. Basically, it’s a massive powerhouse of an interface created to let you have the absolute best recording experience possible, and coming from a company as established and prominent in the industry as AVID, we know this is worth every penny.


From AVID:

“We want the performer to experience the immediacy that you would get with analogs addressing the main issue facing the recording musician in the digital world: latency. Latency simply means recording process. It is apparent to a recording artist when the sound from their microphone arrives late in their headphones. Using DSP-accelerated processing results in ultra-low latency and this has always been one of the benefits of the flagship Pro Tools | HDX system; you can have both power and low-latency on demand because the HDX DSP chips are dedicated to the task of processing audio. Carbon now brings that flexibility to every Pro Tools user with the Hybrid Engine.”

Carbon features:

  • Seamless integration with Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate
  • Merges native CPU and 8 HDX CPU cores for maximum performance
  • Monitor and record through AAX DSP plugins near-zero latency
  • Includes 115 AAX DSP plugs from the Avid Complete Collection
  • Software package with virtual instruments and hardware emulations from UVI, Native Instruments, McDSP, and Plugin Alliance
  • 8 newly designed transparent mic preamps with variable impedance on inputs 5–8
  • Flexible I/O including 4 headphone outputs, 8 line inputs and outputs, 16 channels of digital I/O over ADAT, and word clock I/O
  • AVB connection offers vanishingly low latency and 32-bit float precision audio streaming

You can learn more about Carbon and grab it here for $3,999.

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