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How much mojo is in the Mojotone? Is it no-jo, or woah-jo?

Let's throw some Bare Knuckle Black Hawks in this Les Paul. But first, the EMG 85 set has to go.

The solo/Seven the Hardway/Tony MacAlpine guitarist may use the same pickups as most of the other featured EMG artists these

In this case it's a beautiful Mayones Regius 7.

48k guys. Fourty-eight freakin' K. That's more K's than a Spanish "what?" convention.

Tolkien is still rolling over in his grave that there's no 9-string version.

You know, with the character named "Q." Not with pickups. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if I've

For those of you who love Animals as Leaders but hate having an 8th string.

The Fu Manchu/Sun and Sail Club guitarist says: "come loudly, or there will be

Complete with demos from Keith Merrow and Gord Olson

Or most of one, anyway. Anyone up for trying this at home?

The Perpetual Burn was decades in the making.

Well let Seymour Duncan shine a light on your ignorance.