Those Crafty Bastards at Seymour Duncan Made an Interactive Pickup Selector on YouTube

Of all the components that shape your guitar’s tone, none are more mystical than your pickups. How exactly are they coloring your sound? Unless you have two otherwise identical guitars, one with your existing pickups and one with the set you’re looking to test, it can be really tough to judge the quality of one over another. I’ve swapped out the pups on my guitar and been pretty much convinced that it was an improvement, but the guitar was in the shop for a week before I got it back, and memory recedes like our hairlines.


Seymour Duncan haven’t solved that particular problem, but they have come up with a neato interactive pickup selection video that can at least help you narrow down your options. I’m mainly impressed by it because instead of coding an app for download or their website, they used native YouTube features. After your first few choices you’ll be brought to a long demo video showcasing the tones of a bulk of the available models for that category, featuring demos by Keith Merrow, Wes Hauch, Rob Chapman, and more.

I’ve embedded the pickup selector video below, but be warned that the interactivity doesn’t work properly on most mobile browsers, or the mobile YouTube app.

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