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Mongolian Folk Metallers perform live in the studio.

Check out some beautifully-shot clips of "Deadhead" and "March of the Poozers"

Over the track "Para Mexer," live from their summer tour with Between the Buried and Me and The Contortionist.

Jay or Joey? Verdict's still out, according to you guys!

Some thoughts on different ways to watch a show.

Check out a fan-filmed backstage drum cam of "People = Shit."

One of the best bands in extreme music throws down in-studio.

Legendary 90's space rock band play a full live set in KEXP's studio.

James Payne is well suited to the task.

Check some live drum cam footage of "Captain Comedown."

Shane Matthewson rips "Management Control" on his time off from managing his band.

Michael Gira's newest live incarnation has to be seen and heard to be believed.

Supergroup featuring Baptists, ISIS, and Russian Circles crushes it live.

Phil Dubois-Coyne's temporary drum replacement is more than suited to the task.